Brian BeaneyFine Art Photography

Brian Beaney Fine Art Photography

The advent of digital imaging has allowed me to use my graphic and art skills to take my photography beyond the moment of capture. The images are digitally painted with light, mood and atmosphere that I hope will epitomize the peace and tranquillity of the scenes and landscapes. I try to bring back to my pictures some of the "buzz" I experienced when I took the shot. Sometimes the pleasure is just using the imagination.

The process of creating a piece of photographic art from a photograph is exceedingly time consuming, every square centimetre has been enhanced in some way or retouched to blend into the conceptual image.

90% of the pictures shown have been accepted in national and international exhibitions, including The RPS International Exhibition and The London Salon of Photography.

All the pictures are offered for sale as limited editions of 15 for details please refer to the contact page.

I have recently added a new gallery page "Acrylic Painting" For many reasons I have been able to return to Painting after many years of Photography and was attractrd to Abstract Expressionism.  Digital Imaging is now so advanced that I can now enjoy various styles of Art, from Conceptual Photographing to Abstract Imaging and continue the inspirations into Acrylic Painting. 

Look out for my first book called "beyond the moment of capture" You will find it at   Many pictures have information on the technique.