Man in the Mirror

We had a competion in my local Camera Club using song titles. I drew from the bag "Man in the Mirror" no ideas came, until I saw in
the news about some high up Politician having falsified expenses. This was the result, you can add your own story.

Parking up the Wong Tree

Competition Title > "Barking up the wrong tree'

I'm for a Heifer blowin' baubles

I liked this play on words "I'm forever blowing bubbles"

Roots of Fantasy

During a trip to Seattle a few years ago I came upon some charred roots in a bank beside the woodland park.
When I started to process the image i started to see through my imagination these shapes of faces. On enlarging to 100%
more faces appeared. I decided to enhance the images by using Photoshop lighter curves and photoshop darker curves.
This was the successful result and was accepted in many national Exhibitions.

Manzac Dragon

This fantasy picture was created from a photograph of dried roots on the bank of the river Augignac near Manzac Farm.
By enlarging the image to 100% and enhancing to 200% I was able to select and retouch to form the animal characters.
It actually took three and a half years to complete. It has now been accepted in many National Exhibitions.

Dawn, unseen by the fallen

My original Title was 'Van wird man je verstehen' which means 'when will they ever learn' made famous by Marlene Dietrich

with the song " where have all the flowers gone" The picture started as a single shot of a group of trees, I duplicated it and flipped it
horizontaly then blended them together. At this point I noticed the fallen trees and branches had a shape of dead soldiers.
I added more form to them with the idea of suggesting fallen English and German Soldiers and by the time I had painted in the early
light I had tears in my eyes, that's when I remembered Marlene's song " Sag mir wo die blumen sind"

Past Reflections

composite image of a redundant factory and the old theatre of stratford on avon.