Wistmans wood No 3

These ancient 'Stunted Oaks' can be seen at Wistmans Wood in Dartmoor.
This is a fascinating and atmospheric place not only for the trees but also for the many varieties of Lichen
on the trees and the boulders around the trees.

Forest in Decay

I came across this clearing in a forest surrounding a reservoir near Princetown, Dartmoor
The silence was quite eerie, and dark. The Tripod was essential.

The Stunted Oak

It's a wonderful place Dartmoor.

Cwmcarn Forest

This beautiful forest is part of the 7 mile drive just north of Newport, Wales. This a dry gully just passed the entrance.

green forest

taken one very cold morning in twin falls park near seattle.

Clampitt Falls

Canonteign Falls, Dartmoor. They are high, dramatic and full of atmosphere, surrounding area is beautiful. And when you are
tired of walking, there is a very good Cafe to relax in.

The Elephaant Tree

The image was inspired from a walk in Wistmans Wood. Dartmoor.

early light on snow

dawn shot in sutton forest near woodbridge